Remote Terminal Peripheral with Infrared Data Communication

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Project Advisor:     Dr. Tep Dobry


Team Members:     Philip Robbins

                              David Tam

                              Erich Kimoto





The RTP (Remote Terminal Peripheral) is a communications device that will be designed to allow a user to remotely connect to a server via Ethernet LAN. Once connected the user will be able to execute basic commands and run such programs as pine, ytalk, and vi among others.

Because of practicality issues particular emphasis will be placed on the size of the device. We intend to scale down as much as possible keeping portability in mind.


The following is a crude outlook of what 396 will entail:

    • 40 x 4 Character Liquid Crystal Display

    • fabrication of an interface circuit for PS/2 keyboards

    • application of the iChip LAN embedded TCP/IP internet controller

    • 396 final assembly and testing (device needs to "ping")


496 will see the integration of a wireless data communication system between "like" RTPs.

    • IrDA infrared technology

    • unique data communication protocol

    • other miscellaneous additions to be worked out...

    • 496 final assembly (device provides seamless functionality)





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